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Amazon Tablet Repair Services

The Repair Services that we provide include:
LCD Repair, Glass Repair,Screen Display Repair,liquid Spill Cleanup (from water damage or other type of liquid),Battery Repair,Home,Volume,Power Button Repair.

Amazon Kindle Fire

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD

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All repair services that we provide include troubleshooting of the most common issues: LCD Screen Repair, liquid spill cleanup (from water damage or other type of liquid), glass repair (otherwise known as the digitizer), and more.

Amazon Tablet Repair Services:

Digitizer Replacement
LCD Screen Replacement
Charging Dock Repair
Headphone Jack/Microphone Assembly
Home Button Repair
Logic Board Repair
Speakers Replacement

FAQ: Common Questions About Our Amazon Tablet Repair Services:

Q- How long does it take for the repair to be completed?
A- It takes about 1 to 10 hours to complete the Repair.

We provide a six month warranty on all of our repairs.Minimal down-time: 1-3 day turnaround.