GPS Magellan Repair Services

How do I set up a repair on my device?

Please contact Technical Support for troubleshooting assistance before submitting a repair request, as some issues can be resolved without requiring that a device be sent in for repair.
In order to ensure the best possible service, please be sure to have the device and serial number available when placing a call to Technical Support.
Technical Support can be reached by calling +1(818) 995-1115.
Working Hours: MON-SAT: 10AM-7PM ; SUN 12PM-7PM – Pacific Time (UTC−8).

GPS Magellan Repair Services by Repair Stop. We specialize on all models Magellan devices. Our GPS Repair Service Center will help you diagnose and fix any problems with your Magellan unit. Magellan Broken or cracked screen repair, GPS does not turn on, GPS Magellan no sound,GPS with permanent battery icon,GPS Battery Replacement,GPS not recognized by computer.
Please email or Call us before ship the Magellan device to the our premium GPS Repair Service Center. If your Magellan needs a map update you can go to the official Magellan Web Site and simply check for updates. We do not charge to diagnose the problem, if you choose not to have your device repaired you only pay for the return shipping or nothing if the device is left for parts or recycling. Our technicians have vast experience in all Garmin GPS problems.

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