iPhone 8 Plus
The iPhone 8+ has 3 cameras with dual rear 12-megapixel 4K cameras that use software to emulate a 2x optical zoom and up to 10x digital zoom. The cameras also provide build-in "portrait mode" and lighting software in addition to image stabilization, a 6-element lens, and a vast array of color capture. The front "FaceTime HD" camera is 7 megapixels and supports 1080p video capture. The cameras support motion tracking and offer augmented reality support. The iPhone 8 Plus uses an "aerospace-grade" aluminum alloy case reinforced by steel and has a glass front and back. It is splash, water, and dust-resistant, but NOT water-proof. Comes equipped with 3 GB of RAM, as well as 64 GB or 256 GB of flash storage.

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