Between Repair Stop LLC. and the Undersigned Customer

The undersigned agrees and does hereby release from all liability Repair Stop LLC. and any of its employees representing or related to Repair Stop LLC. This liability release is for any and all liability for further property damage than is already done when device is brought in for repair. The undersigned agrees and understands that this service will void any and all remaining Apple Manufacturer warranties.

Repair Stop LLC. will offer One year warranty on only the parts that are repaired by an employee of Repair Stop LLC. This warranty is valid for one year for device under the same owner that initially repaired it 90 days from the above effective date. You must present your receipt detaining what was done to your device at time of warranty repair. If you no longer have the receipt we may be able to look it up in our database but this is not guaranteed. This warranty only covers if the part repaired stops working due to part failure, not because of user error or accidental drops.

If Repair Stop LLC. does labor on a device and customer decided they no longer want the repair, the amount will be refunded for the cost of parts only. Labor will be deducted from ALL refunds. The undersigned agrees to all of these terms, and give Repair Stop LLC. permission to open, and service their device. By signing this signifies that you are aware of the related risks and warranty terms. All Devices left with us over 30 days will be recycled and owned by Repair Stop LLC.