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Smartphone Repair ServicesMORE INFO +

Smartphone Repair Services

We repair all makes and models smartphones on the market. Our skilled technicians repair everything from broken glass and screen, charging ports, water damage and battery replacement.
Tablets Repair ServicesMORE INFO +

Tablets Repair Services

Repair Stop offers fast and professional tablet repair services. Our skilled technicians repair everything from broken charging ports on your Motorola or Blackberry, to cracked glass and screen on your iPad, Samsung and HTC.
iPods RepairMORE INFO +

iPods Repair

We offer a Full Range of iPod repairs from click wheels, iPod hard drives, iPod logic boards, high-capacity batteries, LCD Screens and much more!
As always, diagnostics are FREE!
 Computer RepairMORE INFO +

Computer Repair

We work on all brands of desktops and laptops. Our skilled technicians repair everything from RAM fail, motherboard overheating repair, hard drive replacement, battery replacement, power jack repair, screen replacement and all major upgrades to your computer.
Game Console Repair ServicesMORE INFO +

Game Console Repair Services

Full Service Gaming Console Repairs ! We offer Motherboard overheating repair, DVD drive repair, Laser lens replacement. REPAIR STOP is the best solution for your XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii repair in the industry. As always, diagnostics are FREE !
GPS Navigation RepairMORE INFO +

GPS Navigation Repair

We are the leader in Portable GPS Navigation Systems Repair Services. REPAIR STOP offers Fast Reliable GPS Repairs - Cracked LCD Screen, Power Jack Replacement, broken glass and touchscreen not response, water damaged and spill liquid repair services.
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